dine from the menu of learning 

By  Debbie Nicol

dine from the menu of learning

Let’s get real about today’s learning; the majority of learning today is facilitated by external means, outside of the workplace, through creative and informal means. People who wish to learn already are – and doing a great job of it without organizational assistance! Learning and Development departments should not kid themselves that today’s learners depend on them! They do not, well almost not!

There is a certain amount of dependency when it comes to transfer of required standards of work. That’s to be expected, even in this day and age! Yet remaining open to receive alternative perspectives from the people’s prior experiences, an organization may yield unexpected opportunity for renewed processes.

Disengagement is a Learning & Development professional’s friend, indicating that something has run its course, not connecting the people to process, technology and culture. Let’s tap into that, exploring the truths that lie within. Perhaps:

  • The content-en-mass approach is now excessively time-intensive
  • The content is not readily available across multiple platforms, 24/7
  • The relevance of the learning is limited
  • The focus required at one time is just too much for today’s multi-tasker
  • The characters who tell the story are not believable nor credible
  • The trade-off for involvement is just too high


Beyond this dependency upon the ‘must know’, the world is now a learner’s oyster! Learning & Development departments can, and should, open into the vast options the world provides, integrate tools that already exist, blend in many more places than one, explore options for repurposed content to generational differences, and soar high just as the learner’s are today of their own accord. Never before has so much learning been underway, and never before have Learning & Development departments had so much reason to change, and so many options to partner with!

Debbie Nicol

Debbie is tenacious, resilient, can break complexity and ambiguity into concrete simplicity, eats the stage, loves to challenge, Author.
Debbie is a Change Practitioner, Facilitator, Conceptualizer, Design Capability, Asks the right questions, Builds Customized Solutions, Life's Mirror

Debbie Nicol

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