Strategic Direction

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Businesses and leaders 'ready to move' will have a reason to do so, and may include growth, repositioning, customer-driven choice, diversification or expansion need, upgrade or downsize, new or improved capability.

With the reason comes desired outcomes. What could or should we "be" and "do" that previously we were not?

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strategic direction and planning

LOTS® Strategic Thinking and Development Process SFO (Strategic-Focussed Organization) principles and techniques Strategy Mapping, Balanced Scorecard, Action Planning

'business en motion' gains great benefit from listening to the thoughts of the leader, and find that these questions, amongst others, help open the conversation and strengthen the relationship.

To what degree does the organization need to be a ˜strategic-focussed organization"?

What key questions will drive your future towards the organization's vision?

What "story" is the organization telling? What does the organization want to ˜be"?

What level of executive sponsorship and alignment is evident and committed to in the organization's strategic direction?

How connected is the strategy to the 'outside', changing world of business.

Where is the customer placed in the organization's strategy?

What enables your results?

What priority is placed on intangible non-negotiables as enablers of results?

How is accountability embedded into the organization's strategy?

What are the intended consequences of the strategy?

What is the business case for change and / or evolution?

How will you know when your strategy has been successful?

What keeps you awake at night?

The roadmap we apply for strategic thinking and development.

View an example of our customized approach to Strategy.

alternate perspectives

Experience has highlighted that 'terminology' can express different meanings to different people in different contexts.

With this in mind, 'business en motion' suggests that personalized meetings add value by contextualizing and clarifying terminologies and interpretations.

We look forward to hearing, and reflecting upon, alternate perspectives with you.

a 'business en motion' success story

a. goals

  • New leader 'new priorities' new way forward with same vision.

b. critical actions

  • Met and moved into the psyche of the new leader; tabulated challenges of the new leader; captured the picture of "what is" and "what was hoped for" regarding the future
  • Held strategic thinking and development process session with Departmental Leaders (and new Leader) to define the way forward, applying a mix of Balanced Scorecard and the LOTS® techniques
  • Chaired the quarterly Strategic Review Meetings for 6 cycles, to ensure the link back was highlighted when considering results and improvement required

c. results

  • Leadership transition had no ill-effect on the organization; an increase in 75% of the KPI's performance; the other 25% became areas for leadership mentoring initiative; conflict between two key managers resolved who now support each other fully.

The Leadership Challenge® is a global campaign to liberate the leader in everyone. Five practices, thirty leadership behaviors and two commitments. Research-based.

ORSC, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, works beyond the ˜who did what to whom, when" to ˜what's trying to happen" in this partnership or team.

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