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Delivery of training is really the art of facilitating a message for the purpose of evoking change with knowledge, skills or attitudes. Variables include the structure, the content, the media support, the interactivity, the timing, the language, the key points, the associated storyline amongst others. A strong facilitator can have the audience sitting on the edge of their seats, not wanting the message to finish, feverishly finding connections between the message and their own situation. 'business en motion' delivers key notes, workshops, board room presentations, training sessions in face to face or digitally-enabled environments.

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training and learning initiatives offered by 'business en motion' include:

  • Facilitated Workshops
  • Senior-level Leadership Programs for Peak Performance
  • Mid-level Leadership Development Programs
  • Organization-wide Change Programs
  • Team Strengthening and Team Realignment Initiatives
  • Conflict Resolution Solutions
  • Interactive Learning Initiatives
  • Training and Development Seminars
  • Change (Change Management) and change-based activity
  • Structured thinking and development processes
  • Structured questioning processes
  • Diagnostics (eg Behavioural Profiles) integrated into the learning
  • Diagnostics (eg Behavioural Profiles) integrated into the learning
  • eLearning / online packages
  • learner to computer
  • learner with in-house learning community
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Theatre Lecturette

Training Portfolio

While the portfolio of training provides an overview of Debbie Nicol's areas of facilitation, it is noteworthy to add that she is certified and approved to facilitate:


Be the change that makes the change!

alternate perspectives

Experience has highlighted that 'terminology' can express different meanings to different people in different contexts.

With this in mind, 'business en motion' suggests that personalized meetings add value by contextualizing and clarifying terminologies and interpretations.

We look forward to hearing, and reflecting upon, alternate perspectives with you.

a 'business en motion' success story

a. goals

  • To facilitate a program (on behalf of a client) that will change workplace practices, yet instill deeper-level development

b. critical actions

  • To list the explicit and implicit outcomes for the training delivery
  • To revisit the generic content and identify opportunity for greater impact from the facilitation (for example, where to incorporate the corporate advisor)
  • Learn and adopt the language of the corporate advisor; test the waters for additional modes of delivery
  • Incorporate the corporate advisor into the initiative's opening
  • Build a partnership alliance with participants to encourage full and open 2- way sharing for if or when they would like something to change
    Check for learning throughout the initiative
  • Evaluate and provide feedback to participants - be the mirror

c. results

  • 95% satisfaction levels or above with all training delivery

The Leadership Challenge® is a global campaign to liberate the leader in everyone. Five practices, thirty leadership behaviors and two commitments. Research-based.

ORSC, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, works beyond the ˜who did what to whom, when" to ˜what's trying to happen" in this partnership or team.

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