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How to Unify your Leadership Team for Increased Business Performance in 9 Proven Steps

Are you struggling with a divided leadership team that is killing your business performance and results? Engage our proven 9-step roadmap to transition the team from silos, differing priorities and dissension to Unity, in order to drive accountability and growth.

The Unified Leadership Roadmap will:

  • Help you navigate beyond leadership disengagement, inefficiency and lack of ownership, in order to gain increased performance, growth and accountability with a UNIFIED leadership team.
  • Provide you a simple and much-needed big picture, customizable steps, inbuilt impact indicator, a timeline and an easy approach that won't overwhelm.
  • Share a step-by-step process, in a free 12-page download (PDF 1MB). 

Debbie Nicol.
'business en motion'

Who Am I?

Your Unity Partner

With 20+ years’ experience driving leader and organization development in regional and global leadership roles across 4 continents, I ventured into entrepreneurship as ‘business en motion’ launched 17 years ago. Today, in great demand for key notes and think tanks, I relate to and serve the corporate world where problems and challenges are broad and complex, at times unnecessarily so!!

I serve mid-to-large organizations, across all industries, with a small team of self-driven, on-call specialists to increase unity, performance and outcomes for rapidly-changing environments. Novo Nordisk, IATA, Cleveland Clinic Hospitals and GAC are a small sample of my client relationships

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