change management is not HR 

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change management is not HR


Finance Departments are secure in the knowledge that their future is assured. This is not a statement stemming from ego or guesswork, but rather calculating words based on solid and sound evidence, because that’s what their essence is about and credibility is earned from solid and sound evidence.

A business discipline, such as Finance, is one that will never be pushed to the peripherals of business because it does three things:

  • It collects data
  • It analyzes data
  • It makes informed decisions based on the evidence and trends from the data

This is something that the function of HR is not always, and in some cases not often, able to do, and hence the question must be asked; is HR itself responsible for the way it is perceived currently?

Let me give you some examples of where HR’s record has been somewhat dubious along the way.

  • When its dealing with people issues, what’s the guarantee that it will link HR initiatives to the real needs and/or business objectives when it doesn’t have access to these (if not central in the organizational structure)

Change Management does!

  • When HR is dealing with the normal reaction to change ie resistance, its first and foremost purpose as per the SOP’s can be to discipline rather than to anticipate, understand and manage the resistance (give it what it wants)! That’s what a structured and credible.

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Change Management does!

  • On a typical work day, when can one see a net cash flow or ROI diagram on the desk of the HR leader? Never, yet the Change Manager’s desk will likely have one closeby!

Disciplines produce evidence, and the relatively new discipline of Change Management presents so many opportunities to collect and analyze data in order to ensure that whatever actions are taken to address change initiatives would be the most appropriate.

Change Management is NOT a new-look substitute for HR, nor should it guarantee to be a sub-function of HR. It has now earned a place at the board table, and has the right to earn directly attributable business success it brings.

Debbie Nicol, Managing Director of ‘business en motion’, moves businesses and leaders ahead through change. Debbie applies the Prosci® Change Management Methodology in her business consultancy and learning organization across the GCC and Asia. Connect with her on LinkedIn , Twitter or Facebook


Debbie Nicol

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