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When a client wishes to meet for the first time, what could a 'typical' first meeting consist of?

Loads of listening, lots of questions and an attempt to understand the leader's priorities, mindset and situation. A feeling of connection's important to 'business en motion'

Why may an organization require the integrated services of 'business en motion'?

  • A structured, and possibly evolved approach is required
  • An external perspective, to balance that from within the organization, offering non-biased input
  • Insights into alternative methods an organization may not yet have explored
  • Guidance to 'get the ball rolling' offering the 'how' to commence action; an element of hesitancy can be overcome this way
  • To provide ways to ensure the enormity of the task is designed into achievable phases; enormity can at times confuse and deter
  • To maintain the pace and focus on a project, without being distracted by the day to day operation
  • To be an 'enabler' and partner; leaders can feel a little isolated at times with the need for a sounding board, confidante or trusted advisor

Does 'business en motion' provide strict contractual guidelines that I must adhere to and fit within?

Whilst recognizing individuality of leaders, organizations and business, 'business en motion' prides itself on flexibility. Any business relationship or agreement would be driven by the organization's need and vision. Typically, two or three flexible choices may be chosen from.

How long would it take for my company to evolve from mid-big?

An organization and its people will reflect the consistency of leadership. Pace of evolution is in the hands of those who steer and guide it. Influence will come from consistency of message, actions and leadership style along with transparency of communication.

Does your business 'do training'?

'business en motion' views the word training as being a reactive activity, having short-term focus. Strategic Learning and Development interventions result in sustainable change. 'business en motion' embed strategically-aligned learning initiatives which facilitate a shared responsibility for the learning.

How many people operate 'business en motion?

'business en motion' is owned and operated by Debbie Nicol, its founder, who has developed a team of on-call specialists, adding further depth when required.

Who does 'business en motion' generally build a relationship with in an organization?

'business en motion'recognizes the influence that all people have in an organization. The positive impact of a leader is considered vital to an organization's success, and as such is generally the first mind and connection to be explored. Different organizations place leadership in different areas of the organization, therefore 'business en motion' may initially connect in any of the following environments:

  • CEO / Chairman's Office
  • Steering Committees
  • Strategic Planning Departments
  • Executive Offices
  • Strategic Corporate Academies
  • Change Project Offices
  • Strategic HR Units
  • Curriculum Design Teams

What 'change situations does 'business en motion' currently assist with?

Most change means that people within the organization must work differently. We find this with:

  • Leadership re-alignment
  • Product Portfolios
  • Process Change
  • Restructuring
  • Introduction of new IT capabilities
  • Growth Strategies
  • Merger and Acquisitions

The Leadership Challenge® is a global campaign to liberate the leader in everyone. Five practices, thirty leadership behaviors and two commitments. Research-based.

ORSC, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, works beyond the ˜who did what to whom, when" to ˜what's trying to happen" in this partnership or team.

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