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Would you like your team to experience the following at work? 

  • Balance of life / Employee Satisfaction
  • Less emphasis on facades, and more emphasis on contribution
  • Positive mental health realities
  • Increased opportunity to be an active and willing ‘business partner’

Is the organization willing to serve the new priorities of today’s workforce?

  • Trust
  • Compassion
  • Respect for Individuality
  • Empowerment

Would you like your business to experience the following shifts?

  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced business costs (office space)
  • Shift in operating culture
  • Increased competitiveness in the talent war


There's no leadership playbook for setting up hybrid work environments! Why wait for research to emerge about its pros and cons? Rather, Business Owners, Strategy Directors, Executive Decision-Makers, HR VPs, Well-Being Specialists, Quality Managers, Customer Experience Departments, Business Improvement Managers apply the 'hybridIt with heart' process in order to shape their own future of work, given that things are not going back to the way they were. 

hybridIt with heart’ provides a strategic, yet sensitive business approach to hybrid work, one that can serve both business explicit needs (productivity, satisfaction) and people's intangible needs (trust, empowerment). Future-proof your business for rapidly-changing business conditions.

What is 'hybridIt with heart'?

'hybridIt with heart' is a 9-step business solution, that;

a. forges commitment to a customized hybrid model,
b. designs the associated infrastructure and requirements, and
c. implements and measures the change to meet desired outcomes.

Hybrid it with heart HWPR

Process-based and facilitated, 'hybridIt with heart' creates and implements a customized, hybrid way of work that ensures an organization:

  • Involves all stakeholders to forge commitment and ownership to a new working model
  • Positions any decision from a fully-informed perspective
  • Considers actions with unique circumstances in mind
  • Questions the impact of consequences
  • Proceeds into implementation without risk, dispute or suspicion
  • Focuses on adaptive and responsive practices that serve all stakeholders  

Why 'hybridIt with heart' is recommended?

When a concept is intangible, it reduces the chance for emotional buy-in and willingness to change.

'hybridIt with heart' is a process that transforms an intangible concept to tangible practices. Indecision and doubt give way to informed rationale. Disconnected ideas give way to structured action. Reactive outcomes give way to intended impact. As your Hybrid Workplace Proposition enables your workforce 2.0, there's no longer space for 'I don't know where to start', 'we have no idea what needs to be done', 'I'm not sure of the skills needed', it's too big an issue', 'it's too hard to work on' and even 'we don't have time'.

Invest time to develop your robust response to changing conditions, one that will serve, flex and grow for years to come.

Why is ‘business en motion’ well-placed to facilitate this process?

Debbie Nicol is highly experienced:

  • In business, leading both global corporations and entrepreneurial pursuits.
  • In leading strategic think-tank groups, challenging thought process and decision making.
  • Designing initiatives that have the capability to demonstrate measured results.

Listen to Debbie Nicol, 'business en motion' Managing Director, as she explains the 'hybridIt with heart' process

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Change is never easy, especially in unpredictable times!

There's sure to be challenges while building a hybrid work environment; it certainly is unchartered territory, yet you also have a blank slate to design your changes to suit your own reality. Open into the process and allow it to lead you to success.

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