The future of work is loaded with potential benefits and challenges for companies and employees. You’ve seen the headlines: ‘The Future of Work is Hybrid!’ ‘Work From Anywhere!’ ‘The Office is Dead!’ The truth, as always, is much

7 Reasons why the future of work is hybrid.

To hybrid or not to hybrid? That is the question on most CEO’s minds currently, one that can be viewed through a lens of risk, well-being, customer experience, operational efficiency and even financial implications amongst

The evolution of the hybrid workplace

Credibility cannot be bought in a shop, it cannot be bottled nor is it transferable to another. Rather, credibility is earned by doing what you say you will do, time and time again, whether people

Why credibility is the foundation of leadership.

Leadership at all levels What if we had leadership-at-all-levels of organizations? What if everyone took steps to change what is no longer serving? If this really was the reality of the workplace, we would surely

Leadership at All Levels

Let’s not forget that Middle Managers are people too! While they need to be the go-to person for their team during workplace changes, they firstly explore and determine their own levels of commitment or resistance

The Top Three Reasons why Middle Managers struggle with Change @ Work

In the words of Jim Kouzes, for many in the business world, knowing how to create a spirit of community and appreciation does not come as easily as creating deadlines for meetings or driving results.For as

When task is all that matters, how do you ensure a human side of leadership?

Leaders are always curios about the need for Change Management. To appreciate the below insights, it would help to have full understanding of what Change Management is. According to Prosci®, on a project level, Change Management

Why does my organization need Change Management?

Refreshingly-retro or adaptively-now? We say ‘both’.  Engaging intention or intriguingly-impactful? We say ‘both’.  The Leadership Challeng​​e® Suite leads in so many ways, through equally as many channels. Workshops are just one of many – what! In 2022,

Refreshingly-retro or adaptively-now?

Have you ever… Had a conference participant unable to write key points on a chart during a meeting? We have! He had not physically written for many years; keyboard strokes are the only language he

Surprize will no longer surprize!

Change is our business. Change applying a process-based approach, change driven through behavioral aspects, change powered by systems philosophy are all in our mix……and now so too, change at the speed of thought! Proactively of

Change at the speed of thought?

How far can a leader travel alone in business?Separateness – feel its energy. It is alone, it is segregated and it can be limiting.Solidarity – feel its energy. It is connected, it is converging, it

Transforming Separateness into Solidarity

We are human, and struggle hurts. Struggle stretches us to take decisions between leave it and run, or stay in it and break through. I know I choose to let the struggle strengthen me and

Transforming Obstacles into Opportunity

Come on! The world is changing so fast, how is the age-old concept of vision continue to earn itself air time?Visions point us towards somewhere important. Visions serve a purpose – no more, no less.Three

Transforming Visions into Reality

 What’s in high demand these days! High quality cinematography. Thank goodness, gone are the days of films that wreaked havoc with such poor syncing when the character’s mouth moved but the audio was two seconds

Transforming Values into Action

 Presence is all-encompassing. When it exists, it is – just present, there, real and ‘connective’. The impact of presence from a friend, a parent, a mentor or a leader should not be underestimated.Absence is all-encompassing.

Absence is Presence