Organizational Development

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Organization Development is the process of strengthening corporate structures and foundations, frameworks, systems and people to allow the business to personify its values, behaviors and brand promise in order to move towards its desired future.

An evolving organization is one where:

  • customers can describe the experience they expect and know they'll be part of
  • the team will be able to identify what to be, how to behave and the difference their efforts contribute
  • the stakeholders will have confidence in 'sending the message' with pride

Structured and aligned organization development facilitates increasing capability, full ownership and pride, turning all parties into brand ambassadors. It also will be aware of the importance of continuous improvement.

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we provide

  • Branded and packaged workplace Service Cultures
  • Employee Branding
  • Employee Engagement Strategies
  • Defined workplace practices
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership Development
  • DISC Behavioural Profiles
  • Integrated workplace Culture Elements
  • 'User' and 'End-User' Experiences
  • Process Design and Process Improvement
  • Learning Initiatives as communicator of culture
  • Rapid content development (eLearning)
  • Instructional Design and Curriculum Development
  • Face-to-face, eLearning and blended learning solutions, simulations
  • Coaching
  • Reward and career-spotting mechanisms
  • Talent-Tracking Mechanisms
  • MINDO®
  • Content development
  • Organisational Structure
  • HR Development Interventions
  • Training and Development
  • Assessment Centres

'business en motion' gains great benefit from listening to the thoughts of the leader, and find that these questions, amongst others, help open the conversation and strengthen the relationship.

What are the organizational development elements you seek to introduce?

What is the company's commitment level to 'service excellence'?

How do the organizational development elements live and breathe in behaviours of your people?

What impact do you hope those behaviours have on business results?

What level of efficiency do the organization's processes facilitate?

How is commitment to continual improvement reflected in both the processes and the strategy?

How do the processes assist the attainment of the strategic objectives?

How do the systems complement processes and priorities?

What enables change to be reflected in systems and/or processes in a timely manner?

How are the people able to work with systems, and what encourages the active use of these systems at all times?

What flexible learning opportunities exist within and between each level of the framework?

What system promotes people's progress through the framework?

How does the company's learning activity support the strategy?

What level of ambassadorship do the learning initiatives encourage?

What customer and staff experience does the organizational structure facilitate?

How is the strategy and culture kept alive within this structure?

alternate perspectives

Experience has highlighted that 'terminology' can express different meanings to different people in different contexts.

With this in mind, 'business en motion' suggests that personalized meetings add value by contextualizing and clarifying terminologies and interpretations.

a 'business en motion' success story

a. goals

  • Increased customer loyalty (business sector); increased market share; increased revenue

b. critical actions

  • Analysis of customer feedback; summary of findings
  • Exploration of existing options
  • Creation and rollout of a customized intervention 'X Relationships' (increasing the wow factor of the guest stay, and the outcome being additional incremental revenue)
  • Embedded into customer processes (feedback and surprise giveaways), and staff processes (rewards and recognition programs)
  • Evaluation of repeat custom and incremental revenue
  • Upgrade of the system with additional incentivized levels of staff engagement

c. results

  • A four-fold increase in incremental revenues; a 10% increase in guest satisfaction; a 25% increase in 'wow' recognition

The Leadership Challenge® is a global campaign to liberate the leader in everyone. Five practices, thirty leadership behaviors and two commitments. Research-based.

ORSC, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, works beyond the ˜who did what to whom, when" to ˜what's trying to happen" in this partnership or team.

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